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Halter Training Fees


Includes conditioning, training, stall board & feed-including all supplements required 


- $600.00 per month for minis

- $650.00 per month for shetlands



After the World Show horses remain on show diet, neck wraps, daily turnout and light exercise (Not available February through October).


- $375 per month for minis

- $400 per month for shetlands



- $0.50 per Mile/Per horse - $100 minimum 


Body Shave & Facial:

- $100.00 per horse for horses in training

- $125.00 for horses not in training 


Show Prep:

Includes costs of rinses, grooming supplies, hoof polish etc.

- $50.00 per horse for each show



Includes hotel, food, gas, tolls and other miscellaneous expenses.

Will be split by number of horses going to the show.


Futurity Fee: 10% of money won payable to trainer. 


Sellers Agent Fee: 10% commission of sale price due from owner of any horse sold while in training or 60 days after leaving Alliance.


Additional Fees: Farrier, vet, show entry fees, stall, fees - Including % of tack stalls and shavings will be billed at actual cost.


World Show and Nationals Fees

Flat fee per horse: $1500.00


Flat fee includes: Transportation, show prep, body shaving, facials and all trainers expenses. This must be paid before horse(s) leave for the World or National show. 


Additional expenses: Entry fees, stall + % of tack stalls and shavings which will be billed to the owner at actual cost. 


Alliance training will place horses in classes best suited for the horses ability.


Alliance training will determine which horse(s) to show back in Grand and Supreme classes according to which horse we believe has the best opportunity to win on that given day. 


This holds true for all shows including the National and World Championship Shows. 

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